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Theme 2: Causes, support and treatment

Theme 2 looks at progress made by the Australian Government to address the Royal Commission’s recommendations regarding the complex issues of why and how child sexual abuse happens, about children with harmful sexual behaviours in institutions, and how victims and survivors can be supported better to recover from trauma. This theme covers recommendations that were included in the following volumes of the Final Report:

  • Volume 2 – Nature and cause
  • Volume 9 – Advocacy, support and therapeutic treatment services
  • Volume 10 – Children with harmful sexual behaviours.

Theme 2 includes updates on the progress of the Australian Government in relation to:

  • Improving Understanding of the Nature and Causes of Child Sexual Abuse, such as establishing a National Centre of Excellence
  • Supports for Victims and Survivors, such as further funding for the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, and the knowmore legal service, and
  • Children with Harmful Sexual Behaviours.