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Institution Reports

The Australian Government continues to work closely with institutions, including religious institutions, to promote children’s safety and wellbeing.

The Royal Commission recommended that, at a minimum, eleven institutions that were the subject of relevant Royal Commission hearings should provide annual progress reports by the end of 2018. The National Office for Child Safety worked with these institutions to facilitate their public reporting in 2018.

The Royal Commission also recommended that other major institutions or peak bodies of institutions that engage in child-related work also provide annual progress reports. In 2019, the National Office for Child Safety contacted 53 institutions whose conduct was considered as part of the Royal Commission, to encourage them to submit a progress report. This includes the eleven institutions that reported in 2018.

Please note that the Australian Government is not responsible for the content provided, or views expressed, by institutions or peak bodies of institutions in their annual progress reports. As such, this material does not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government, or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action. If you require any of these documents in a different accessible format, or are experiencing difficulty assessing any of the documents on this page, please contact the

Institution Reports